“Being stoned” without mercy, the director pledged to correct the Sonic image

Sonic The Hedehog‘s live-action movie after the debut of the trailer was criticized quite a bit for the protagonist’s image, forcing the film director to formally speak up.

Fans’ reactions to the main character design of the live-action movie Sonic the Hedgehog through the first trailer certainly came to the director’s movie. Now director Jeff Fowler has officially confirmed that there will be changes to Sonic’s current design.

#gottafixfast is the message that Fowler sent to Sonic fans, acknowledging that their disappointment was “very well heard” by him. And the problem that Fowler is addressing is not merely the difference of Sonic’s creation with the design in both the video game and animation worlds, but also the character’s lack of naturality.


In the past few days, fans have posted a series of other “real” photos to compare, even photoshop images of real hedgehogs so they have human teeth. And to prove that Sonic’s live-action image can completely become cute and authenticate with the original, fans have created a different Sonic version on their own.

The major changes were the increase in the size of the eyes, giving him white gloves, straightening the arms and legs to lessen humanity, and removing his teeth, leaving only the shadow or smirk. Perhaps that is exactly what Fowler will need if he wants to adjust the Sonic design in the direction that fans feel more comfortable.

Anyway, all the criticisms have helped show that certain aspects of Sonic’s creation have been well received. Its fur and texture, the fur on Sonic’s head and two ears are very well received. And while the size of his shoes is also a topic to be discussed, they themselves are quite popular. No matter what the final shaping will be, obviously there will be changes, and that’s what fans really look forward to. And anyway, any change will not affect the quality of the movie. After all, Sonic’s future has been scripted and will hit theaters on November 8.