Best Sonic games to play (part 2)

Sonic Spinball

You know, the early Sonic games developed a satisfying rhythm; that is, jump on a few baddies, gather a ring or twenty, after that, hit a hill as well as bouncing around until finding out if you had epilepsy. Also, for many gamers, where the money was the experience’s third high-speed component.

The Genesis was, for long, the console of choice for a lot of pinball lovers with the puzzling aversion to the physical pinball tables. Plus, Sonic Spinball managed to hold its own together with the likes of Psycho Pinball, Crue Ball, and Dragon Fury. And if you were not a big Sonic fan, it was the game, including nothing but opportunities for bashing the mascot around the head using huge flippers.

Sonic Rush Adventure

It was built for quickly-paced dual-screen challenges. The Rush titles were indeed the best way to get side-on action using next-generation flair’s pinch. This game thrives in side-on platform bursts. Not all, it offers bouts of 3D that is well-executed for reminding you that you are gaming on a machine.

Technical aptitude aside, it is a game that works to keep Sonic & Tails off the streets. Also, it introduces a non-mortifying character from Marine the Raccoon, one character as the springboard for piracy’s story, multidimensional invaders as well as interplanetary conflict. During its day, it was the title that you fired up for disproving anyone who told that the series had lost the way.

Sonic and the Secret Rings

Created as a yet-another rebirth that Sonic can coincide with then-upcoming Wii console of Nintendo, the game takes the cue from the Arabian Nights. The title was played to Wii strengths emphasizing on racer-style platform action as well as level design that favored speed-runs over the precision-jumping challenge. Dive into the game today!