Best Sonic games to play (part 3)

Sonic R

As always, Sonic and racing had seemed the obvious fit. Plus, Sega had made the soon foray in the concept using the Sonic Drift titles of the Game Gear. The Saturn title provided a considerable tech injection for the Sonics pole-position aspiration. The co-developers Travellers Tales have tweaked the design of the game to squeeze as much detail and speed out of the hardware of 32 bits as possible.

The burst is short and colorful by standards of today, which is not a bad thing; and provides a glimpse into the early days of what should become reasonably profitable little sideline for the mascot of Sega.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Expand the Sonic series into the role-play territory – it is a stunt for raising eyebrows. You can bet Sega did not tend to fob the job off on everyone. In the end, Mario had not gone the HP-and-battle-scenes route – only doing so when Squaresoft was prepared to do the concept justice. Thus, a similar interest in the experiment of Sega was piqued once BioWare – genre titans, were given the task.

The game is more geared toward DS youth audience rather than Dragon Age or Mass Effect’s fans, but it remains among stronger cross-genre ventures of Sonic – not to mention having more ambitions. 

The Sonic Colors game

The Sonic team assured gamers that their aim would be rectifying the earlier Sonic titles’ missteps, so it gave gamers a reason to expect from the Nintendo-exclusive soft reboot that is geared toward gamers too young to grow up with the side-on originators. Released for the Wii and DS in 2010, the result showed this strategy’s wisdom. Instead of rolling together everything that people had liked about Sonic titles, Colors was quick, tight, as well as offering variety through well-placed power-ups.