Best Sonic games to play (part 4)

Sonic Unleashed

It appears beautiful, plays fast, as well as being not able to be blamed for coasting on earlier successes.

Also, it is worth keeping in mind that the games from Sonic take place in the world that animals are always turned into some creepy creatures. The entire reason that the Sonic/Robotnik beef became begun in the first place should be owing to the turning animals into the monster. Plus, Mario is turned into bees, frogs, and mythical raccoons from Japan without much objection. And other than that, Unleashed’s non-Werehog bits were a welcome come-back to form for the Hedgehog, thus bringing high-speed thrills and 2D perspective back to the forefront.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 

Sonic 1’s Game Gear and Master System versions had hewn quite close to the standard of Genesis, yet Sonic 2 on the 8-bit systems of Sega bore little comparison to the same name’s 16-bit title. The game appeared different, sounded different as well as being played like one Sonic title, yet one built for the strengths of the more intelligent system. 

Sonic Chaos

Having gamed to the Master System and Game Gear’s strengths with Sonic 2’s 8-bit versions, repeat contributors Aspect Co. got given free reign for continuing Sonic and Tails’ breakaway adventures on the Game Gear and Master System. Which hey, once you were rocking the Master System from 1993, might be the best news that you would ever hear all year.

Plus, while attention was paid to the series hi-tech fortunes, this Chaos kept reminding gamers that they were still enjoying one Sonic game. Tails was ultimately playable, and Sonic kept running as quickly as he could across as a lot of gravity-testing scenarios as your older hardware would allow. One late contributor to the Golden Age of the series, yet it scrapes in.