Best Sonic games to play (part 6)

Sonic & Knuckles

Today, we think nothing of it as a developer builds plenty of game that the excess may be mopped up as well as being rolled into one DLC extension; yet back before downloading used to be a thing, one physical add-on for including new content to the game cartridge was reasonably the talking-point. Never ever gimmick-shy, Sega made just about any oddity (made mostly out of resources which cannot fit into Sonic 3 in time for the introduction) with various new unlockables, based on which Sonic cartridge this game was paired with.

Providing new ways of playing through the fantastic Sonics 2 and 3, other than added levels exclusive to the game’s Knuckles-themed chunk, the title extended the beloved releases as well as tiding fans over until all went out and purchased a Sega Saturn.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

If there is one period probably said to represent the Golden Age of the character, it should be the 16-bit generation. Also, while not necessarily the era’s best, Sonic 3 is probably the most played.

Attaining widespread ubiquity through Genesis bundle-filler Sonic 2, this next title rewarded the fans with a more substantial degree of variety between characters, enhancements, and stages. In many ways, it should be the best parts of Sonics 2 and 1, rolled into one frantically-spinning ball as well as padding out with enough new surprises for filling the worth of content of two games.

Sonic Rush

While Sega used to be tweaking the Sonic formula with the top-profile home console outings during the mid-’00s, the firm put one bet on the side-scrolling throwback – the one that would go on to turn into one of the most celebrated entries of the series. At the end of the day, we do not desire to spoil anything for you.