Best Sonic games to play (part 7)

Sonic Lost World

After Sonic Lost World examines the long history of Sonic in Sonic Generations, it begins one entire novel chapter for the Blue Blur – thanks a part in borrowing from the Super Mario Galaxy. Rather than running on city streets, the Lost World tries and restricts Sonic to the floating planetoid, which restricts his movement for him to concentrate on pure speed. It sounds so obvious that it sounds strange Sonic did not do this before (not counting Sonic X-treme – the canceling Saturn game).

The 3D controls have been better for Sonic. Also, the visuals that are Wii U-powered are candy-colored perfection. Here, Lost Worlds develops on the things that Sonic Colors did, except for several annoying difficulty spikes, thus making for a fantastic Sonic game for every Sonic fan type.

Sonic Adventure

You know, seeing Sonic transition so smoothly into 3D was similar to bumping into one old friend that you failed to keep in touch with, only to figure out that since you spoke the last time, they became George Clooney – the World President. The Dreamcast original still indeed looks good alongside several games made ten years later.

Mapping the twitch-centric gameplay of Sonic onto the Z-axis proved one continual challenge for Sega, yet for a while there, the game made it appear as if the company managed to ace it. It was, at the very least, one step up from the past attempt,

Sonic Generations

Everyone cannot accuse Sega of getting unwilling to take Sonic in the exciting and new directions – even if the directions fail to sit well always with longtime fans. As the company celebrated the 20th birthday of the character with Sonic Generations, Sega tried and set the OG Sonic with the contemporary counterpart in the fan-gripe showdown. Is it interesting enough?