Best Sonic the Hedgehog Games

Brilliant moves, super fast running and using obstacles to get through a stage as fast as possible, are just some of the things that make Sonic the Hedgehog one of the most memorable game characters of all time. From the early 90s through to today’s modern gaming devices, this super hedgehog remains a popular choice for games all over the world, which is we’re covering some of the best Sonic the Hedgehog games of all time!

Sonic Colors

Sonic Colors is one of the newer releases on our list as it became available in 2010. This is the first game Saga introduced a brilliant 3D world with side scrolling abilities combined with first person gameplay. The gameplay might be strange to those who are used to the earlier games, but it adds an interesting gameplay as you make your way through the crazy amusement park and battle with Eggman. The game also gives Hedgehog some new abilities, which really help with some of the stages.

Sonic Unleased

Sonic Unleased is a 2008 released game that slows us some of the first 3D graphics the Saga team introduces. It offers multiple stages to play through and an interesting range of game features, but it just misses the mark when it’s compared to games in the top 2 positions of this list. However, it still remains a great choice for players keeping out the best Sonic game opportunities.

Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes was released in 2003 and introduces an interesting game experience as Sonic isn’t the only hero you’ll see on the screen. To help you score huge points and have better chances of taking down Dr. Robotnic. The game features 4 teams that you can control, each offering their own abilities to help you through the stages of the game. With a total of 14 levels to worth through, you’ll enjoy the highlight of other characters and their abilities to get you to the end as soon as possible.

Sonic Adventure

Released in 1998, Sonic Adventure might be one of the oldest games on the list, but if you’re a fan of the little blue hedgehog, you’re bound to enjoy even the oldest of games. This game was a massive step into the future for the character as the creators introduced some of the most well-known characters to help Sonic through the stages. This is the game that first featured well-known additional characters such as Knuckles and Tails. It also includes the Big the Stupid Cat, which might not be a favourite, but all games with a downfall at some point. With 50 areas to play, excellent powers from all the characters, Sonic Adventures remains a top choice for fans.

Newer Games

The development team behind the Sonic game ways finds new ways to feature the blue character and give you the large in graphics and gameplay. There have been many releases in addition to the top games above, including new titles coming out this year and plans already in motion for next year. On top of that, Sonic the Hedgehog movie is also sure to provide an interesting view into the abilities of this super hedgehog.