Celebrating its 25th birthday, Sega launches two new Sonic titles

Sonic Dash is a role-playing game, quite familiar runner on Android and iOS devices, especially Sonic character is quite famous. Players play the role of Sonic, jump and rotate on the road running through amazing 3D environments. Surf the path and overcome the obstacles in this fast paced and crazy game.

Sonic is one of the favorite game series in any of the 8x and 9x players. If you still remember the image of the fast-paced urchin fly over the dangerous obstacles, then you are probably old.

Over the past 25 years, Sega has made a memorable feast for celebrating his son at San Diego Comic-Con since his debut. Not only celebrating the time with a quarter of human life attached to the urchin, Sega also made fans happy to release two new titles with a lot of interesting and unexpected features for gamers.

At the Comic-Con event in San Diego, SEGA confirmed that the new Sonic titles will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo NX.

The first game is Sonic Mania, a product that mixes many elements into the success of the Sonic series. Sonic Mania is a remake of Sonic’s early product, as the title is still based on the Snes 2D platform. Or it can be said that Sonic Mania is a remake, more beautiful, more feature packed with more new maps than the original Sonic version.

The second game is Project Sonic, which is the next 3D version of the Sonic series. Just looking at the trailer, Project Sonic is quite similar to Sonic Generations. It is possible that this is the sequel to Sonic Generations, but Sega is rather quiet when sharing information about his new baby. All will be revealed on the day that Project Sonic debuted.

Let’s look forward to seeing other surprises from SEGA in the future.