Hackers and modders behind Sonic’s next official games (Part 3)

he lost content has some mystique, so it’s no surprise that fans often try to recover it. Hacks like Sonic 2 Delta and Sonic 3 Complete provide explanations of what content might be like in action, while the more common missing areas, Hidden Palace and Dust Hill have been officially restored in iOS remasters. and Sonic Mania.

Sonic Mania

The Hidden Palace appears as a secret area in Sonic 2, while Dust Hill was originally planned to add as a new area for the Sonic CD remaster Sonic CD like the Desert Dazzle Zone, but was completely cut down. safe. All of this work eventually culminated with Sonic Mania, whom Mirage Saloon clearly resembles with elements of Dust Hill and Desert Dazzle.

That’s not just the return of Sonic’s development history. The pre-release version of Sonic Mania was shown on Green Hill Zone Act 2, which looks similar to Sonic 1’s prototype. Sonic’s new animation in Mania has the same spin feature as the Sonic 2 beta animations seen in fan projects, ending the stage of making Sonic jump small, similar to a cut from Sonic CD and even even rotation speed. The official Sonic game has all sorts of throwbacks for canonical elements in old fan games.

An alternative approach

While some game creators for Sonic fans have continued to work on official games, others have taken ideas from the series and provided their feedback on them. Freedom Planet, a game by the Galaxy Trail developer, combines elements of the classic Sonic and other Genesis generations to create an original game. Galaxy Trail was founded by Stephen DiDuro. Felipe Ribeiro Daneluz, better known as LakeFeperd, has also developed a number of acclaimed fan games, including Sonic Before the Sequel and After the Sequel. Daneluz gathered what he learned from these projects into this new original game, Spark the Electric Jester.