Interesting upgraded version of Sonic game

Many people believe that Sonic Mania is a project that Sega is making fun about in order to prepare for Blue Blur’s 25th saving event. But soon after, SEGA denies these assumptions by launching the first Sonic trailer. A new game will bring Sonic’s team back with a combination of modernity and Classic and once again do the task of saving the world. But what is the world saved from? The latest trailer does not reveal much about this but it is enough to create a lot of fans’ interest. Let’s point out some of the most outstanding analysis after the trailer was released by SEGA yesterday!

New rival

The trailer begins with the giant robots are terrorizing a city, only the fire is burning and the ruins are everywhere. The first suspect appears to be Dr. Robotnick (Eggman). This may be the cause of the terror, he may have created these robots and control them to destroy the city.

However there is a doubt that these robots do not have the symbol of Dr. Robotnik. For any player who has played a Sonic game, watching one of Blue Blurs’ TV shows or reading Sonic comics knows one thing, Dr. Robotnik has a huge ego.

That’s why he assigns his logo everywhere to let people know who caused this mess. These robots do not have the symbol of Dr. Robototnick, which means this could be a completely new enemy, have never appeared in history.
Why Sonic is angry?

As a familiar player of the Sonic series, perhaps many players were surprised to see Sonic’s angry face right at the beginning of the trailer with clenched hands. In previous trailers, Sonic often appeared with some dangerous action with a smirk on his face.

Now that image has changed completely. Sonic no longer has a deep storyline like before but maybe SEGA is trying to do something different for this game. Sonic’s angry expression may be a bright spot for the game and catches fans’ attention.