Join in Fantastic Action Games with the Sonic RPG Game Series (part 2)

Episode 3 – Meet the powerful Seelkadoom now

Join in the third episode of the game now and meet the powerful Seelkadoom. Sonic and his will meet this powerful emperor from the dark side. What is waiting for them in this new adventure? Following the second episode, you will take part in this journey and control the Nights. Nights has to fight with his long-time rival, Reala. You will lend Sonic a hand to rescue his beloved friend, Shadow. Sonic will witness all the mighty strength of the Seelkadoom. The game has upgraded with more fun and exciting plots. Are you ready for a new thrilling adventure with Sonic? 

Episode 4 

This is the fourth installment of this exciting gameplay. The 4th episode also contains two parts. In part 1, Sonic will meet new enemies and have to fight with various monsters from another dimension. Call up his besties and dive into this new exciting gameplay. This episode has updated with more fun features as well as new fascinating game characters

In part 2, one of the Sonic friends, Knuckles, was cursed after the big battles against the giant monster. Sonic needs to find a way to cure his lovely friend. What will Sonic need to do? Can he heal his friend? Game on and help Sonic out.

Episode 5 – Sonic need to find the best way to cure his beloved friend

Continue the adventure now with Sonic and his friends in this fifth episode. Keep up with the previous episode; knuckles still in his curse, and Sonic still on his way to find the cure for his friend. It’s said that the Holy water is the best way to cure his beloved friend. And the Holy water is also found in the Nights’ Castle before. Sonic and his gangs will take part in the new trip into the Nights’ Castle and explore this place. They need to find out the way to lead them to the Holy water and heal Knuckles before it’s too late. Will Sonic and his gangs make it?