Join in Fantastic Action Games with the Sonic RPG Game Series (part 3)

Episode 6

Going with the storyline, in the sixth episode, Sonic, and his friends still on the way to find the Holy water. They have faced various monsters and dangers on their way into the Nights’ Castle. However, the troubles still coming their way. This time Sonic and his friends again have to face with the evil Dr Eggman. He has heard about their plan to find the Holy water. What is his plan this time? What will he up to do? Try your best to help Sonic to win this evil Doctor and continue his journey to cure his friend.  

Episode 7

Dr Eggman seems never to stop his plan to trouble Sonic and his friends in this seventh version. This time Sonic will battle against not only this evil doctor but also the wicked Reala. What will Sonic need to do to stop these villains? This new episode from the Sonic RPG game series upgraded with more stunning graphics with various exciting game features. In this episode, you cannot skip over any levels and have to finish one by one. Give your best to fight against those evil villains and have fun. 

Episode 8

Enter the eighth episode now with Sonic and his gangs to defeat Dr Eggman now. You will ride in a variety of insane battle between Sonic, Shadow and Nights with Reala and Tails. The game has improved with many brilliant graphics as well as incredible animation effects that definitely will bring you lots of fun times.

Episode 9

Going through various twists and turns with Sonic and his gangs, now you are in the very last episode of the game. Is this the real last episode of this fun game series? In this final battle, Sonic will face up the powerful Seelkadoom. Knuckles and Nights will join with Sonic in this intense battle and help him a hand to win over this powerful emperor from the dark side. Are they conquer the battle and defeat Seelkadoom. All the trouble will end after the battle, won’t it?