Revealed new Sonic sports shoes for Sonic fans

Sonic- This super-fast blue hedgehog was introduced by Sega Genesis in 1991 and became a great star, then quickly became a typical mascot of the gaming industry. Along with that, Sonic was a successful franchise character and became a giant taking on all Sega financial drivers.

Sonic has really become a craze as the game constantly exploits the theme of this super-fast hedgehog launched in the 90s of the last century.

Sonic has really become a monument in the game industry about the attraction and popularity that this super-speed blue hedgehog has achieved in over a decade of success.

The sneaker model catches the image of the blue hedgehog will definitely be sought after by fans of this series in the near future.

According to the general trend, large sneaker manufacturers often offer products to cooperate with many famous brands in the field of entertainment from movies, comics to blockbuster games. Most recently, the famous PUMA sports fashion brand has unveiled a new model of sneakers for fans of the Sonic series.

At first glance, wwe can see the Sonic-inspired work in the design. The shoe is made of suede, with a blue dominant tone, which is also the representative color of Sega’s hedgehog. In addition, there are yellow holes on the body of the shoe like the gold ring in the game, while the shoe sole is complemented by the green of the grass background. In addition, the inside shoe lining is also printed with Sonic’s picture and the Sega logo, while the bottom of the shoe has a brand name printed.

Currently, Sega and PUMA have yet to reveal anything about the launch date of this product. Hopefully, we will see samples of Sonic and fellow shoes appear on the shelves as soon as possible. We are definitely looking forward to it.