Short History of Sonic the Hedgehog

The Sega Genesis made its debut in 1889, and it was not a good one. While it was the first 16-bit, it still took a backseat to the 8-bit Nintendo console. The Genesis was taking a hit around the world when it came to consoles, and Sega had to do something about it. First Tom Kalinske, who was the former head of Mattel, took over as CEO and he knew that to get their console to the top they had to come up with not only a great game, but a solid brand and character to which Sega would be known for.

A Hedgehog Game Pitched

There were many pitches for new games at Sega at the time, one of those was an idea for a hedgehog whose original name was Mr. Needlemouse. The game pitched came in the form of the fastest character ever in a video game and the gameplay was specifically designed to keep the hedgehog moving. To put the fast spin on the character, it was given the name Sonic, and that is how Sonic the Hedgehog became a reality. Sonic was sure they had a hit in their new video game and the development team was known as the Sonic Team, which is still intact to this day.

Sonic the Hedgehog had a unique side-scrolling platform and while Sega was not the first to do this the speed in which the game was played was innovative. Players had to have balance and speed with Sonic the Hedgehog, and this made the game very challenging for players. Sonic could gain speed as the game progressed running up walls and hitting springs to go back or up with great velocity. There were so many combinations that could be used to complete levels the replay of the game was always exciting.

Sonic The Hedgehog Released

On June 23rd in 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog was released, and it became an immediate smash hit. That may be an understatement, as many players bought the entire Genesis console specifically so they could play Sonic. The sales of Genesis increased when Kalinske used Sonic as the game that came with the console. With the popularity of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega quickly took over first place in the video game console market around the world.

Sonic is still the best-selling game ever for the Genesis console. The game was so popular that it has over 75 spin-offs and sequels, comic books, and even a movie. However, Sega bowed out of the video game console wars, but the hedgehog lived on. They are now produced by third-party developers creating Sonic games for other companies such as PlayStation and Nintendo. It is interesting that you can now play Sonic on Nintendo when that was who Sega was chasing before the famous hedgehog was created. There is even an Olympics themed game where Sonic the Hedgehog and the iconic Mario from Nintendo are featured. The Genesis is gone, but Sonic the Hedgehog is here to stay.