Sonic Advance, Review

Playing Sonic Advance will bring you a satisfying experience thanks to the mixture of a familiar cast of characters, classic Sonic 2D gameplay, added with new technology.

Debut in 1989, Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog series features some of the best monuments of 2D platforming ever produced. However, as games changed their emphasis to polygonal graphics and 3D gameplay, it seems that Sonic’s 2D days were behind him. However, although 2D may be disappearing on home consoles, sprites can be found alive in the portable market, thanks to Sonic Advance, a powerhouse that has quickly become the new home to 2D gaming.

Besides the speedy blue one, the game’s story requires players to race to collect the Chaos emeralds as well as stop Dr. Robotnik’s latest evil plan. You will tear through seven zones and face the standard assortment of enemies along the way. Skilled players who manage to collect the Chaos emeralds throughout the bonus stages will be allowed to access a final level offering a rewarding and challenging boss fight.

Your playing experience in each level will vary slightly, based on which character you select to play as. The various acts are the same, but the level of difficulty each act will be higher or lower based on the unique abilities of your chosen character.

Sonic Advance looks and sounds very good, providing nicely detailed levels. All of their various moves are very well done and well animated, as those of their enemies. Their various idle animations are also well done and faithful to what fans expect from a Sonic game. The game’s music is equally comfortable fit, featuring tunes with catchy spirit of the music found in other Sonic games. The game also uses the familiar Sonic sound effects, such as the sound of rings scattering as you are hit and Sonic’s spin dash.

Although it lacks some polish, Sonic Advance remains a strong entry in the GBA library. Thanks to its connectivity to the GameCube and retro gameplay, it is a game that Sonic fans and GC owners can highly appreciate.