Sonic Dash outperforms the past five Sonic games combined

Although Sonic Dash has been released in 2013, endless runner mobile game has earned this game more than the past five Sonic games combined.

Sonic Dash, Sega Hardlight’s endless runner game featuring everyone’s favorite speed-loving hedgehog, has accrued $10.8 million based off 290.7 million downloads. This total revenue outperforms the amount money earned by Sonic the Hedgehog’s past five mobile games combined.

Sensor Tower data shows that five recent releases of Sonic, including Sonic Forces, Sonic Jump Fever, Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Sonic at the Olympic Games, and Sonic Runners, earned a total $8.7 million throughout the last six years. In addition to Sonic Dash, Sonic Forces has been installed by 46.1 million people around the world and has earned $5 million. The game has also recently been revealed as the second most downloaded game of PS Plus. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom follows at $2.4 million, which is based on 102.6 downloads. Sonic Jump Fever made up to $600,000 off 28.3 million downloads.

The next one is Sonic Runners, which was downloaded 9.38 million times and has made a total $526,000. Meanwhile, Sonic at the Olympic Games takes the fifth place with 3.3 million installs and $200,000 in revenue. However, it is worth noting that Sonic at the Olympic Games is the newest release out of the games analyzed, and therefore, the longevity compared to Sonic Dash isn’t clear. In addition, Sonic Racing launched on the Apple Arcade subscription-based service and so the sales data is not so widely available.

Sega‘s long-standing mascot is going to enjoy his 30th anniversary next year. With its recent commitment to producing better 2D and 3D Sonic games going forward, Sonic fans can expect new games that feature the blue hedgehog to be released on mobile platforms and consoles in celebration of the milestone achievement.

Sonic Dash is available to download both on Android and iOS app stores.