Sonic Mania’s Mod Makes Doom Playable In-Game

Thanks to a Sonic modder working during an annual weeklong festival, the worlds of Sonic the Hedgehog and Doomguy have finally collided.

Due to reasons related to the reach of logical comprehension, a Sonic Mania modder has added in the capability to play the 1993’s DOOM straight from the interface of the game. Since Sonic the Hedgehog and Doomguy share the spotlight as the 1990s’ gaming icons, their games couldn’t be further apart. The blue mascot of Sega stars in a high-speed platformers series where Dr. Robotnik always gets away. Doomguy stars in first-person shooters of Software where blasting demons into a gibs pile is the order of the day. The common thing both games share is a dedication to precise and difficult gameplay for sometimes.

It may be their long-lasting mod communities if one was to have to link these 1990s’ classics in one other way. DOOM witnesses new games, characters, and levels uploaded to the internet 27 years after its initial release. DOOM mods are necessary for the legacy of the game, and modders have even back-ported the weapons from the recent releases into the original version. For Sonic the Hedgehog, the release of Sonic Mania comes due to a fan community having kept creating 2D Sonic games long past the point where Sega was interested in the concept.

The mod was made up as part of the Sonic Hacking Contest which runs throughout the last week of October every year. During the Contest, the Sonic community promotes on the scene new creations and the streamers sampling them for the masses. The first day of the week also include a mod to let players go through Sonic Mania as the Motobug enemy as well as a mod that adds playable Sonic Mania’s characters Ray and Mighty into Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

In addition, this new mod is also a fun addition to a growing collection of Sonic mods.