Sonic Runners: The game is not for people afraid of speed

Sega has added in Sonic game collection to a new Sonic Runners game. Each version, Sega brings a new surprise for players, and let’s see what Sonic Runners will bring to the mobile gaming market.

Earlier, Sonic Dash had a time made mobile gamers happy with new game version, beautiful 3D images. If you have not seen the Sonic Runners trailer, you probably think this game will be a bit like the predecessor Sonic Dash. But no, Sega has always surprised gamers, Sonic Runners is completely different from the previous version, the character system has been reduced, images are transferred to 2D graphics and horizontal scrolling like Super Mario games in addition to 4 buttons.

The world in Sonic Runners is put together by many small maps, each map is a race. Choose one of three Sonic characters, Tails and Knuckles, collect rings and gems. Fight and destroy Dr.Eggman’s dark conspiracy, defeat monsters that attack from all directions and avoid obstacles on the path you are traveling. That’s what you have to do in the Sonic Runners world.

The new version also maintain the characteristic of the old version of Sonic, moves fast and can accelerate after reaching certain levels of the map. Collect lots of rings and use those rings to upgrade your skills, buy support items to make it easier for players to overcome challenges.

The three character classes of Sonic Runners have different basic skills. In addition to add more options, avoiding boredom for players, you need to be adaptive when using each character. Sonic is capable of three consecutive jumps in the air before hitting the ground. Tails – just like the name of this character, Tails can only jump once, the second touch, the two tails will be like a propeller to help Tails fly a little further. And Knuckles, jumping twice, between the two jumps can punch the obstacles in the way.