Sonic the Hedgehog is going to the big screen, scheduled for 2019

Sonic the Hedgehog will release its first movie premiere on October 15, 2019. Paramount Pictures has confirmed the release of the movie, and is expected to be a competitor in the family film series in the autumn of next year. Sega first announced the movie project in February 2016. Later that year, Neil H. Mortiz signed a production contract, and directed Deadpool, and Tim Miller joined the executive role of manufacturing. Jeff Fowler will take the role of director, while the screenplay is done by Pat Casey and Josh Miller, who created the television show Golan the Insatiable.

Interestingly, Paramount Pictures is planning a mix of live action and CGI in this movie, to bring the green hedgehog to the real world. This is somewhat similar to the Detective Pikachu movie, due out in May 2019. The Sonic blue hedgehog was first introduced by Sega in 1991, and became a direct competitor to the Mario logo. Nintendo’s. Since then, this series of games has sold more than 360 million copies on many platforms. Last year, Sonic achieved the highest rating during 15 years of existence with Sonic Mania, marking the return of a speedy hedgehog to a 2D environment.

Although the film transform from electronic games have not been very successful in the past, Pararmount Pictures still hopes to successfully convey the Sonic brand into box office revenue. But not just because fans love a series of electronic games means they will agree to pay to watch a movie adaptation. There are also many Sonic games recently not received by fans. Despite selling millions of copies in the past, the blue hedgehog’s best-selling game at the current stage is Sonic Generations, released in 2011 and selling … less than 4 million copies.
No matter what, most can still agree that it will be interesting to see how Sonic urchins can transmit the speed and spirit on the big screen.