Team Sonic Racing game Review (part 1)

Referring to kart racing, perhaps there is no game that surpassed Nintendo‘s famous Mario Kart series. However, that does not make this game less the number of new games but there are many names that appear to “storm” on other platforms other than Nintendo. Team Sonic Racing can be considered one of them with some interesting new ideas, bringing an exciting kart racing experience on different platforms.

The kart racing with the main green hedgehog is probably no stranger to many players who love the game. From the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games, some games in this series were very welcome like Sonic & Sega All-star Racing or Sonic & Sega All-star Racing Transformed. Although not enough to cross the Mario Kart series in all respects, these names are still welcomed with enthusiasm because of the large number of “strange but familiar” star riders from many popular game series. Sega’s voice is like Ryo Hazuki in the Shenmue series. Team Sonic Racing continues that success, but not the sequel in this series that opens up a new, more exciting path.

As the name suggests, you can imagine a kart racing experience in Team Sonic Racing that is more about team racing. Unlike most other kart racing games on the market, players will join their team to compete with other racing groups in most game modes. Each group will consist of three characters, with familiar faces such as Sonic green, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and many other main and villain characters in the Sonic game series. The racing experience also adds a number of new mechanisms, helping to bring a more compelling and dramatic race, requiring interaction between the racers in the same team to win.

Although there are many races that require you to race solo and even if you want, you can still race alone. However, with the design that brings attraction from interactive gameplay to other riders, the game experience is only attractive when you “agree to fight” with AI teammates or other players. It can be to take advantage of racing tracks (trail) of the teammates before or even slingshot, exchange power-ups and use the “silk driver” to support each other to breathe smoke. That is the fascinating and extremely exciting experience that Team Sonic Racing brings. This new element alters the habit of solo racing in the past, but you will get used to it very quickly.