Team Sonic Racing game Review (part 2)

In simple words, players must support their teammates to win the highest ranking before rival rivals. If you just take the highest rank for yourself, while letting your teammates be smoked by the opponent, it is highly likely that you will not reach the high position of the rankings. The problem is, the AI ​​in the game is very friendly and regularly supports you, but their levels of racing sometimes make you crazy. Many times, I gave up all the power-ups I picked up so that they “quickly defeated and defeated” the opponent, but it was enough to keep any racing driver in the back of the AI ​​team. Any “silk steering wheel” feels clam.

Experience the game in Team Sonic Racing not only requires you to find a way to overcome your opponent, but also to support your team as much as possible. For example, in many cases, you will keep the direction of the race as little as possible, sagging as much as possible to create a trail for your teammates to “follow”, benefiting from the acceleration that this mechanism brings in the experience. However, this sometimes gives me the feeling of being alone when playing with AI. So, the race cars of the characters all have an initial feel that is difficult to control, until you realize that some of the game mechanics are slightly different from most other games on the market.

Drift is a fairly typical example in this case. Basically, drift is a driving technique that by using braking at the right time, the driver deliberately drives over to cause rear-wheel slip at high speed when entering a tight corner, but still Maintain the original high speed. If other racing games often reduce the speed of each drift, it requires players to know when the drift to enter the curve is really “sweet”, Team Sonic Racing uses drift as a driving aid feature.

The characters’ cars do not slow down when the drift, but only to make the cornering easier, gives a very strange feeling to those who are familiar with drift elements from other titles. So are kart models in Team Sonic Racing. Although the developer has done quite well with the visual elements for different cars, they are quite similar to each other during the experience of the indicators.