Three Sonic The Hedgehog’s Characters Who Originated In The Comics

Sonic the Hedgehog has been around for nearly three decades, and the character has never been more popular in many ways. Sonic video games are still being produced and continue to add even more characters. Let’s discover three Sonic the Hedgehog’s characters who originated in the comics.

Relic The Pika

Sonic the Hedgehog discovers that places like Angel Island have ancient histories full of mysterious secrets. The Knuckles do an excellent job with the care and testing of the island, but Relic The Pika is a useful resource for all Echidna affected. Relic is a brilliant archaeologist who specializes in the ruins of Angel Island. Pika is not really the best support in the war, but his work is very important, and very important to the Freedom Fighters and the Brotherhood of Guardians.

Gold The Tenrec

The Sonic the Hedgehog series was already complex enough before the Silver the Hedgehog introduced the passage of time and another fact set out in the next 200 years. Gold’s gift is a terrible time, and the threat of Second Devourer leaves him unsure of who to trust. Gold is drawn in different directions, but in the end it is able to keep up with the Silver and help him with his great work defending not only their timeline but all the time lines. Gold makes for a fun partner in Silver, though not a great source of help.

Captain Metal

Sonic knows he is facing his own worst forms that are respected by Dr. Robotnik’s science. These inventions get a lot of splendor, but one of the first and most successful projects is Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic gained a wider audience over time and Sonic jokes tried to do something new about the character by tearing him down, but brought him back as a twisted pirate of robots. Captain Metal is indeed an exciting rebel of the typical pirate drones, and has more personality than the regular Metal Sonic. It’s a weird idea, but it works.